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Here's what we'd like you to know before your purchase.

How long will my order take to ship?

All products are made to order so they will ship out usually within a week.

What can I expect of the print?

For print materials, the print will be lighter. Please read the care instructions included in your order for preserving the life of all products. For prints on ribbed materials or uneven surfaces, there my be cases where the design can pull apart or have separations.

How accurate are photos of the product?

The examples provided are representations of what you will receive but are digital comps and the color of the items and print color may vary slightly.

How do I know my size in unisex items?

Unisex items are based on men's sizes. Please choose your applicable size in men's.

About Returns/Exchanges

Be More is about supporting and reinforcing the journey of our customers. We have very limited profit on these items and are happy with this as long as the site/store pays for itself. Because of this we make shirts to order so that we can offer a wider variety of options and not have the overhead of stocking all sizes.

So, when you purchase an item from us, it is ordered, printed/embroidered and sent out to you. Therefore, we have a limited return policy which is in the next section.

Return/Exchange Policy

These are the cases in which your returns/exchanges will be accepted. If any of the following are the case, we will take care of it for you.

Faulty Product
If the product has a hole, stains, or manufacturing defect.

Placement Issue
If a print is clearly crooked or off-center (>1").

Incorrect Image
If we printed the wrong image.

Wrong Item Sent
If we send you the wrong garment, color or size.